Information Technology Innovation

iTi Group is a company that serves innovative IT solutions and products. Our drive is to offer these solutions widely on the European market with the best quality possible. Resellers are welcome to login to our portal and use our services. Service is paramount and we will gladly serve you!


The European distributor for thin and zero clients. iTi Group uses zero clients combined with Userful. Founded in 2002, Centerm is a leading provider of cloud, thin and zero client solutions. Centerm has 6 R&D centers and actively cooperate with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and other international enterprises.


iTi Solutions™ is a creative think tank that constantly seeks for new innovative IT Solutions. Together with partners all over the world we combine products to a new solution. Then we market the solution and bring it to iTi Platform™. From there IT Resellers implement solutions whithin Europe.


The iTi Platform provides channels for overseas companies. The iTi Platform™ combines products and services to a value added solution, carefully advised and made ready for the European market. With our logistic distribution and warehousing partner, IT Resellers implement solutions all over Europe.


Our partner, Mul ICT Services B.V. based in the Netherlands, is a knowledge partner with over 20 years of experience that implements solutions delivered by the iTi Platform™. Mul ICT Services B.V. also provides solutions such as Security, Process Management and Cloud Solutions.